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There are sunglasses and then there are ray-bans. If you have the opportunity to get a stylish pair, go for it. They may not be Privé Revaux, but they are still iconic. From classic aviator sunglasses to prescription sunglasses, there are a variety of stylish options to choose from. Better still, if you’re into the brand, Amazon has you covered.

Exclusively for Prime members, Amazon is holding a huge sale of Ray-Ban sunglasses and glasses for both men and women. You can get between 10% and 30% off select pairs, which brings prices to all-time lows. Unfortunately, you need an active Prime membership to take advantage of the sale, but you can always sign up for a free one-month subscription before you shop!

The iconic sunglasses from Ray-Bans have long been known for their countercultural coolness and are virtually unsurpassed in style and function. What some may not know is that the Italian-American brand offers both standard sunglasses and prescription glasses. Both types come in a timeless style and design.

If you’ve never decided on Ray-Bans before, there is a pretty ingenious way to go about it. First take a debit or credit card, then stand in front of a mirror. With the card, place one point in the middle of your nose and the other near the edge of your eye – be careful, of course, not to poke your eye! If the back edge of the card doesn’t go down to the edge of your eye you need a Large Fit, if it’s right on the edge you need a Standard Fit, and if it extends beyond your eye you need a Small Fit. Ray-Ban says the standard fit is the most common.

As part of the sale you will find a large selection of fashionable sunglasses and glasses. Some are polarized and some are not. Most have a metal frame with glass lenses, but you need to read the product description to be sure. These are real Ray-Ban glasses, but there are both men’s and women’s models so keep that in mind.

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