Sufferers discover joyful eyes, glasses NOT required


New technologies enable patients to see clearly without glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. By reshaping the front of the eye with a special “retainer” lens that is worn at night, patients can do without corrective lenses during the day.

The process is known as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) and works much like a tooth retainer to keep teeth aligned. A patient simply wears a custom-fit lens over their eyes while sleeping, and the need for daily lenses is completely eliminated in 3-5 nights.

Dr. David Bloch, ophthalmologist for adults and children in Carlsbad, is a certified provider of corneal refraction therapy. “The main purpose of this device is to reverse and prevent the progression of myopia in children and adolescents who are not eligible for laser correction,” says Bloch.

Due to the increased use of digital devices by children, myopia has increased by 43% over the past decade. “My CRT program not only frees young patients from glasses and conventional contact lenses, but also protects them from debilitating visual disturbances and eye-related diseases.” Bloch added. Adults also benefit from this treatment, as it is a great alternative to laser eye surgery and costs almost half the price.

Although the CRT is not available in all prescriptions, it reverses the most common nearsighted and some farsighted prescriptions. Bloch’s patients are delighted with the results as they can enjoy leisure and other activations without the discomfort of glasses or contact lenses

One of the many satisfied patients of Dr. Bloch, Kelley Manion, described how this program changed her son’s ability to exercise. Her son participates in a travel baseball program and started Dr. Bloch’s CRT correction program to help him avoid the distraction of wearing contact lenses while playing. “He would lose contact or get dirt in his eyes while playing, that was an obstacle to his performance. After my son Ayden tried the program, he was able to play without contact or glasses in a matter of weeks, ”said Manion. “We thought it would take a lot longer to work, but it was only a few days. We tell our friends about this program and were surprised that not many people heard about CRT. It’s really transforming. “

Another patient of Dr. Bloch, Mary Kennedy, had similar results with the program. “I have worn soft contact lenses every now and then for years because of myopia, and it has become increasingly difficult to wear them for long periods of time,” she said. “DR. Bloch thought I might be a good candidate for CRT as I was intimidated by laser surgery. After measuring and testing my eyes, what worked for me for both near and far vision The best way to do this is by making the CRT lenses. Dr. Bloch made the transition to lensless vision very easy during the day because single-use contact lenses reshape my cornea at night. Most changes occurred within the first four days of wearing the night lenses . I am very happy to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about glasses or contact lenses all day! “

To find out if CRT is right for you, make an appointment with Dr. Bloch. Computerized scans are required to map the contours of your eyes and create the holding lenses. Adjustments are included after ordering the lenses. Dr. Bloch also fits most regular and specialty contact lenses – including multifocal contact lenses, contact lenses for astigmatism and post-operative adjustments.

Call Dr. Bloch to schedule a free consultation at 760-730-3323 or visit His office is at 2814 Roosevelt St. in Carlsbad Village.